Why is the site appearing with junk characters?

Download Font (by clicking on the above links) and save in your Fonts directory. (For Windows, got to Start -> Control Panel -> Fonts Or press install button on the downloaded file)

Then refresh the page(Ctrl+F5)

If the problem persists, follow the below steps.

A). Remove any fonts ('Mano.ttf') that you may have previously downloaded. Go To Start - Control Panel - Fonts - Remove fonts.

B)Change the document encoding settings to 'User Defined' and reload the site. On Internet Explorer 5.5 or above, right click the mouse button, choose Encoding and then choose User Defined from the list. On the Netscape View menu, choose Character Set/Encoding and choose “User Defined”

B)However, some users may have problems with the font due to some configuration issues or due to poor connectivity. Sometimes just pressing 'refresh' works.